Effective 02JUN2008
Filed 02JUN2008
Filing Codes I

Except as otherwise provided in individual TLIs (Rate
Items), a shipment, which for any reason, is refused or
rejected by the Consignee at destination, or which cannot
be delivered despite Carrier's diligent efforts for reasons
not ascribable to the Carrier within 5 (five) business days
of notification to Consignee that the shipment has arrived
and is ready for delivery, will be considered "refused" or
"unclaimed" and will be SUBJECT to the following
a. If, after the expiration of the Free Time specified
   above, delivery of shipment to Consignee is ultimately
   accomplished, all third party warehouse, storage and/or
   redelivery cartage charges (when applicable) which have
   been incurred and/or advanced by the Carrier will be
   assessed and collected from the Consignee, regardless of
   whether the shipment was prepaid or collect, unless
   Shipper shall otherwise claim responsibility for such
   charges in writing.
b. In all cases of refused or unclaimed shipments, Carrier
   will immediately notify Shipper of such status by
   telephone, facsimile, e-mail or other electronic means
   and request instructions for the disposition of the
c. If Carrier does NOT receive instructions for the
   disposition of shipment from Shipper within the Free
   Time specified above, Carrier reserves the right to
   transfer the refused or unclaimed cargo to a public
   storage.  All third party charges incurred and assessed
   as a result of such action, including but not limited
   to, storage, transfer, terminal, cartage or customs
   charges will be for the account of cargo.  Once placed
   in a public storage facility, Carrier's liability will
   terminate and a lien for all unpaid freight and
   additional charges shall be placed upon the cargo for
   Carrier's account.
d. Notice of arrival of shipment at B/L destination as
   described in this Rule shall be given to Consignee by
   telephone, facsimile or e-mail when possible or by
   deposit of letter or post card, properly addressed to
   Consignee, with the United States or Foreign Postal

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